Through the years, ITTQAN has worked with some of the largest local and international companies, and our departments have worked on many of the largest and most innovative projects in a number of sector. Our team has worked with start-ups, investment funds, microfinance institutions, banks, corporations, governmental agencies, and non-governmental agencies on various matters ranging from structuring, registration, governance and IPO advice to large scale mergers and acquisitions.  
We take pride in our ability to bring deep technical skills to strong client relationships. Our clients can be confident that the service they receive will be unparalleled. Our team will thoroughly review the related tasks and conduct the required legal research in order to provide you with accurate legal opinions based on applicable laws, regulations and instructions. Our legal opinions and recommendations will not be limited to the requested tasks, but will expand to other related issues that may be of importance to any proposed transaction.
Our team has considerable experience in the legal aspect of the Palestinian commercial and corporate sector, whether through representing our clients before the competent courts or by representing our clients in major arrangements and contracts. We further have ample experience in the project financing, banking and microfinance sector.
Client demand has led us to grow exponentially since establishment. We are proud to be the only Palestinian firm which has clearly divided departments focusing on different areas of the law, thus arming us with the ability to cater to all our clients’ legal needs in an unparalleled timely and efficient manner.
Our experts are focused on providing exemplary legal advice and services to a plethora of clients in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our departments work closely alongside each other, incorporating our lawyers’ wide range of expertise alongside other specialists, to continuously develop the best possible solutions. We have an unswerving dedication to serving our clients’ legal needs, whether through the provision of clear and concise legal opinions, to contract drafting and court representation. 

The following are brief examples of our previous experience in a wide range of sectors:

Impact Investment
  • Fully engaged in the setting-up and design of the first ever Development Impact Bond in Palestine, including the conduct of a full assessment of all applicable laws and investor concerns, the initial drafting of all related contracts, the setting up of an SPV, drafting all constitutional documents and the provision of all requested legal opinions.
Banking and Microfinance
  • Representing 6 banks, we are regarded as one of the go-to firms in the banking sector.
  • Served on the Technical Commission of the Banking Law of 2010.
  • Special counselors to the banking regulatory authority in Palestine in numerous projects.
Corporate and Commercial
  • Currently acting as legal counselors for a large number of corporations and groups (both local and international); ample experience in all matters relating to general Corporate and Commercial Law; including, without limitation, Companies’ Law, Trade Law, Employment Law, Tax Law and international commercial transactions and investments. Having clients in sectors ranging from retail and distribution, to factories, telecommunications and IT services, our experience in the corporate and commercial sector is unparalleled.
Investment, Merger and Acquisition Deals
  • Acted as legal advisors in a large number of merger deals, acting for both the acquiring and acquired companies and banks.
  • Ample experience in conducting vast due diligence procedures, coordinate our efforts with the Companies’ Controller, the Palestine Monetary Authority and the Capital Market Authority and for which we also prepared shareholders’ agreements and the company’s prospectuses.
  • We conducted a complete and inclusive preliminary assessment, due diligence, drafting of the prospectus and the partnership agreements and all other relevant documents in relation to merger deals.
  • Reviewed and closed multiple syndicate, senior, secured and unsecured loan and grant agreements between local banks/companies and international financial institutions/investors.
  • Pioneering the implementation of development and social impact bonds in Palestine.
  • Successfully representing clients in a large number of appeals against tax authorities.
  • Providing clients with effective legal opinions for the purposes of tax planning and transaction arrangement.
Major Liquidation experience
  • The liquidation of a number of companies including the largest corporation yet in Palestine to undergo liquidation.
Securities Exchange experience
  • Legal counselors for a number of securities companies.
  • We oversaw the set up and IPO of several major companies including.
Intellectual Property
  • Successfully defending trademark rights owned by a large number of international companies against infringement in Palestine.
  • Our IP department is proud to manage one of the largest trademark portfolios in the West Bank, with over 3000 trademarks.
Investment Fund Experience
  • We have performed legal due diligence and drafted all needed contractual agreements relating to the transactions of a number of investment funds operating under the local and international investment fund initiatives.
  • Establishment of numerous startups.
  • Drafting of term sheets and shareholder agreements.
  • Establishment of funds.
  • We are proud to be the legal advisers of one of the largest Palestinian investment funds focused on Palestinian start-ups.
Telecommunications and IT
  • Legal counselors for the leading Palestinian telecommunications company.
  • Legal counselors for numerous internet provider companies.
  • Legal counselors for a number of IT companies (including both software and hardware).
ITTQAN was directly associated in the drafting of the following legislations; among others:
  1. Companies Law (Member of Drafting Committee).
  2. Industrial Property Rights Law (Member of Drafting Committee).
  3. Palestinian Commerce Law.
  4. Banking Law.
  5. Regulation of Specialized Lending Institutions
  6. Competition (Antitrust) Law.
  7. Income Tax Law.
  8. Electronic Transactions Law.
  9. Leasing Law
  10. General Union of Palestinian Industries and Specialized Industry Union Regulations.
  11. Guarantee of movable property transactions draft law.
  12. Telecommunications Regulatory Commission Law.