Copyright and Intellectual Property
We’re widely recognized for our ability to provide intellectual fire-power on complicated, cutting edge questions that require highly qualified intellectual property and information technology (IP/IT) lawyers.  Resolving difficult patent, trade mark and copyright, design, and know-how issues is about interpretation. It's about welding legal and practical elements into a workable commercial solution. We translate complex legal problems into clear commercial options. We have also established contacts with IP/IT lawyers in the region who share our values of technical excellence, commerciality and client service to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

Our staff consists of highly qualified and experienced lawyers in IP practice, and we also provide a variety of commercial IP services including registration, management and litigation of patent, trademark, copyright and design. In case of litigation or dispute, we ensure the application of the appropriate legal elements to enable the enforcement of a feasible commercial solution. We established regional partnerships with the most respectable and reputable law firms and lawyers specialized in IP in order to provide our clients with a comprehensive legal service. Our expertise and partnerships allowed us to manage the largest trademark portfolios in Palestine including thousands of registered trademarks. Our long-experienced lawyers managed to create historic precedents at the High Court of Justice which would shape the landscape of intellectual property protection in Palestine despite the very old legal framework that applies.
Published at: Wednesday | 29/05/2019 - 12:05:50 PM